World Health Day


Health can mean many different things; however, it can always be broken down into physical health and mental health. Both are just as important as each other. We’re going to break down a few ways in which you can implement changes to feel healthier, starting with managing stress.



At some point in our lives we will have dealt or will have to deal with stress. It can arise from our personal life, in the workplace, or it can even come out of the blue from an unknown source. Symptoms of stress can be mental or physical. You may feel anxious or depressed, have trouble sleeping or feel angry. It’s important to recognise when you may be feeling stressed and know how to deal with it.

Dealing with stress will be different from person to person. Eating healthily, getting regular exercise and a decent amount of sleep will help (more on that next). Deep breathing can be beneficial in stressful moments, as well as drinking fluids and taking some time out of each day for relaxation.


Physical Activity

As well as helping with stress, physical activity boasts an array of health benefits. It can help with mobility, so your joints, tendons and ligaments become more flexible. Getting exercise in can also increase your energy levels whilst keeping a healthy maintained weight. If you’re having trouble sleeping, physical activity is known to help improve this issue.

If you’re feeling daunted about how to start exercising, simple cleaning around the house will be beneficial. Going for a walk to the shops and taking the stairs over the lifts will also help. If you want to start going to the gym, try out a class where you will be coached on what you need to do to prevent any injuries.


Healthy Eating

Lastly, but not least is healthy eating. You will have heard it before that eating more fruits and vegetables will make a positive impact on your health, and it’s true! Making sure that you’re eating from all the main food groups will help give your body what it needs. Benefits of eating healthy can be reducing your risk of getting heart disease and lowering your blood pressure. It may help you lose some weight if needed, whilst increasing your energy levels and mood through endorphins.


Of course, there are many more ways to feel like a healthier you. For example, taking care of your mental wellbeing, reducing or cutting out smoking and alcohol. Keep an eye out on St David’s First Aid Training social media for more tips and resources to come.


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