Learning how to perform CPR is an essential life skill whoever and wherever you are. CPR is short for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and it is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions with rescue breaths in an attempt to manually get oxygen to the heart and brain. When the heart stops beating (cardiac arrest) it is vital that CPR is performed as soon as possible.

If you are ever faced with an emergency situation when someone’s heart has stopped beating and you need to perform CPR, the useful abbreviation DR ABC will help you remember what to do:


By attending a First Aid training course you would learn about each of the DR ABC steps which will give you the confidence to perform resuscitation. You would learn how to do CPR and be able to practice on a First Aid manikin under the guidance of a professional First Aid trainer.

During our First Aid training courses you would also learn about using AED (Automated External Defibrillator). AED increases the chance of starting a heart even further. It is a safe, reliable and computerised device that analyses heart rhythms and enables you to safely deliver a controlled electric shock through the heart.

The use of AED can dramatically increase the chance of survival if a casualty’s heart stops beating, but it must be used promptly. For every one minute delay in delivering the shock the chance of survival reduces by up to 10%. The risk of death can be reduced if you have fast access to a defibrillator and know how to use it.

We hold regular First Aid At Work courses in central Cardiff. There are two levels of courses available depending on the level of risk in your workplace. Click the links to find out the dates of upcoming courses and to book places online:

Alternatively, many employers prefer First Aid training to be carried out at their own workplace so we can provide a quote for us to come to you in South Wales. Click here to contact us for a quote.

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