What to do with dust or dirt in the eye

Dust or dirt can quite easily get into the eyes and this can be treated by a First Aider. The best way to get rid of small particles of dust or dirt is to wash out the eye with cold tap water. Make sure the water runs away from the eye that is not affected.

What should you do for a more serious eye injury?

  • It is important to make sure the casualty stays still, they may need plenty of reassurance.
  • Carefully hold a soft sterile dressing over the injured eye which can be bandaged in place if necessary.
  • Tell the casualty to close the eye that has not been affected (if they move it this will cause the injured eye to also move).
  • Take the casualty to hospital or call for emergency help depending on the situation.

 If chemicals get into the eye:

  • Wearing gloves, wash the eye with large amounts of clean water continuously. The water should run away from the eye that has not been affected.
  • Call for emergency help.

 If there is a flash burn to the eyes the casualty will be in increasing pain, be sensitive to light and have a ’gritty’ feeling in both eyes. This can happen when the eyes are not protected from looking at a welder's torch, or from long exposure from the glare of the sun. This is what needs to be done:

  • The casualty should close both eyes.
  • Cover the eyes with soft pads or a blindfold.
  • Take them to hospital or call for emergency help.

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